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Interior doors:

In the modern world, interior doors are given special attention, because they are one of the most important components of your interior. Therefore, today different requirements are imposed on the choice of doors and the design of openings.

The main advantage of our doors is strength and reliability. The use of natural solid wood contributes to safe operation in residential premises, and aesthetics allows us to choose our doors as a decorative interior decoration. After installing our doors, you will not think about other manufacturers, because our doors are of the best quality and affordable prices, despite the high competition.

Fire doors:

Wooden fire doors STANDARDSAFETY EI30, EI60 are designed to limit the spread of fire. These models do not lose their integrity and thermal insulation capacity for 30 and 60 minutes, respectively.

The sophisticated and at the same time austere appearance allows the use of fireproof wooden doors in various places. They fit perfectly into the interior of a house or apartment. Often used in office buildings, hotel complexes and hotels, restaurants, in places with high traffic of people: universities, hospitals, schools and other institutions.